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A New Generation October 10, 2008

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There were just few people in the world who have owned a Corolla at some point in their lives to make it the bestselling nameplate in the history of automobiles. As expected, the Corolla earned a significant amount of success and loyalty. And the Toyota will never ever let its fans down especially now that it has an introduction of all-new tenth generation. Its standard components and the Toyota Corolla auto parts and accessories that go with the basic assembly are manufactured not only in the United States but in around 140 countries all over the globe—including Canada, India, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. Nowadays, there are so many exterior styling from other manufacturers. But Toyota has its own image and features to attract people. Looking the inside portion of this automobile, you can see a user-friendly control layout with modern touches matches up with fabric materials that will be nice and comfortable to use in the upscale Camry. Although the space upfront is sufficient, the backseat back seat has a lot of space also to accommodate adults comfortably. It doesn’t end there because the Corolla has a perky 1.6 liter-engine with dual WTi to back up its performance quotient which will ease driving experience especially on the rough roads. It also offers an attracting compromise between handling and comfort while driving. Talking about the quality, it is smooth enough and can it can be used as an everyday commuter car while it still maintains it composure in cornering the roads. Its quite cruiser indeed for it has improved NVH characteristics. This makes the Corolla differ from other basic transportation as it embodies the latest style and features of Toyota and the quality and reliability remains to Toyota for it is its real selling point.


Wagonlet October 2, 2008

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Others might speculate about its Korean roots, but everything becomes irrelevant because it has a lot of spec for its price. Whether one choose to go for the smart tailored sedan or the trendy 5-liftback, the Rio from the makers of Kia Motor will surely exceed one’s expectations. This includes many things such as having excellent seat support, advanced car parts, appropriate fabrics, a well established dash design, a plenty of storage pockets and cubby holders, and a whole lot of power amenities including windows, mirrors, locks and so forth. In addition to this, the Rio is powered by 1.4 liter, 16-valve engine with a wide angle valve train to elevate better breathing abilities to improve the performance and economy that complies the latest emission standards. While it does away with all the newest technological features of its counterparts, and the good thing about it is, it does not carry a heavy price. But then again, in the real life who said that a good drive requires all those hi-tech gizmoids and things that serve to alienate the driver?


Installing Windshield Wipers August 13, 2008

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Frequently, windshield wipers are the most unnoticed when you are regularly examining your auto parts. Unless you realize it is broken, you won’t normally give it attention.

Now, if your wipers don’t operate anymore, you may have to replace them. Here are simple procedures on how to install new windshield wipers:

• First, drop by your auto supply shop to look for the right size. It may vary on the make and model of your car.

• When you have purchased the appropriate wiper size, prepare your materials.

• Begin by taking up the wiper arm up in order for you to with it. You may switch on your car for a few minutes to switch on the wipers and put them in the appropriate position.

• Let go of the blade by pinching down on the wiper.

• Install your new wipers as stated in the manufacturer’s instruction. Lock all the hardware in place and be certain to test them prior to driving.


Koenigsegg CCX March 19, 2008

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Koenigsegg started the CCX development with the plan of ingoing the globe market for the most part of United States. The CCX abbreviation means Competition Coupe X. The CCX is the up-to-the-minute in a string of super cars–this one competent of more than 245 mph–from Sweden’s Koenigsegg, and the first aimed at U.S. customers. Only 12 were expected to enter the car market of U.S. or 20 cars annually. This foreign seems intended to be a plaything for the most wealthy collectors.

But wait, though a lot of car enthusiast is capable of purchasing one for the sake of car collecting, make sure you won’t go running searching for its auto parts. Like I said before, this car was only made for toy of car crazy collectors.



Ford Ranger/Mazda B-series March 3, 2008


The Ranger still follows a simple, proven design that’s good for pickup buyers who really want to keep it basic and affordable. Unfortunately, side airbags or curtain bags aren’t available, even as an option; neither is stability control. What’s more, the Ranger (and the nearly identical B-Series) gets a low three-star NHTSA rollover rating, (which corresponds to a 20% to 30% risk of rollover in a single-vehicle crash) with one of the highest rollover risk factors (0.3) of any vehicle.


Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner February 28, 2008

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Ford’s small SUV, the Escape, and its superficially diverse sibling, the Mariner, were given a general assessment of “Poor” (the lowest probable rating) from the IIHS for lacking driver torso- and head-safeguard in the Institutes’ side-impact collide test (exclusive of the optional side airbag package). The federal administration also gives the Mariner one of not many three-star ratings, which matches to somewhat high threat of rollover. And strength control isn’t offered. Waiting for the ’08 would be a great move, as front side airbags, side curtain bags and solidity control will all at last be standard.



Nissan Frontier February 27, 2008

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Stability control is optional on the Frontier, and recommended considering its three-star NHTSA rollover rating. The King Cab Frontier has surprisingly low three-star NHTSA frontal crash-test ratings (most other pickups do quite well in the frontal tests), though a four-door Crew Cab Frontier was given a better four-star frontal rating. The Frontier was also rated “Poor” (out of good, acceptable, marginal or poor) by the IIHS in rear impact. Both Frontiers tested didn’t have side airbags or side curtain bags, which are also optional.