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Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner February 28, 2008

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Ford’s small SUV, the Escape, and its superficially diverse sibling, the Mariner, were given a general assessment of “Poor” (the lowest probable rating) from the IIHS for lacking driver torso- and head-safeguard in the Institutes’ side-impact collide test (exclusive of the optional side airbag package). The federal administration also gives the Mariner one of not many three-star ratings, which matches to somewhat high threat of rollover. And strength control isn’t offered. Waiting for the ’08 would be a great move, as front side airbags, side curtain bags and solidity control will all at last be standard.



Nissan Frontier February 27, 2008

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Stability control is optional on the Frontier, and recommended considering its three-star NHTSA rollover rating. The King Cab Frontier has surprisingly low three-star NHTSA frontal crash-test ratings (most other pickups do quite well in the frontal tests), though a four-door Crew Cab Frontier was given a better four-star frontal rating. The Frontier was also rated “Poor” (out of good, acceptable, marginal or poor) by the IIHS in rear impact. Both Frontiers tested didn’t have side airbags or side curtain bags, which are also optional.



Buick Rendezvous February 26, 2008

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The minivan-based Rendezvous helped bring new customers to Buick dealerships, thanks to the Tiger Woods ad campaign behind it. But after the 2007 model year, the Rendezvous, with its abysmal three-star (out of five) NHTSA frontal impact rating, is history, to be replaced by the 2008 Buick Enclave, a crossover SUV with a full roster of standard safety equipment.


Given the fact that the vast majority of SUVs were rarely taken off-pavement by their owners, much less driven under serious off-road conditions, a new type of car-based “crossover SUV” was developed that was hoped would provide all the elements that customers actually wanted from their SUVs such as cargo carrying capacity, elevated seating height and the suggestion of an active outdoor lifestyle with less of the negative attributes typically associated with traditional SUVs such as poor gas mileage, uncomfortable ride, high step-in height, propensity to roll over, etc. The formula of a car-based “soft-road” luxury SUV had proven marketable by the highly successful Lexus RX300 and was thought to be a promising new market category for Buick to exploit within this extremely profitable portion of the ever-expanding SUV category.

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Best Car for College Students:#12-Subaru Legacy February 13, 2008

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Price: $22,140 (sedan)
EPA Fuel Economy (City/Hwy): 20/27 mpg
Crash tests: 5 stars frontal, 5 stars side; Good frontal offset, Good side

The Legacy is a manageably sized, well-built sedan or wagon that handles especially well, is a good choice for longer commuting or road trips and has top scores in both major crash-test series. All-wheel drive is standard, and when equipped with the optional electronic stability control system, it was a 2007 IIHS Top Safety Pick.


Best Car for College Students:#11-Toyota Prius February 12, 2008

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Price: $21,610
EPA Fuel Economy (City/Hwy): 48/45 mpg (est)
Crash tests: 5 stars frontal, 5 stars side; Good frontal offset, Good side

The environmentally friendly Prius is at its most efficient in stop-and-go driving, which will suit congested campus areas–and tight gas budgets–very well. The trouble-free Prius is also rated at the top by Consumer Reports for reliability and gets 4.5 stars out of 5 from J.D. Power in Overall Quality–Mechanical.


Best Car for College Students:#10-Honda CR-V February 11, 2008

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Price: $21,195 (2007)
EPA Fuel Economy (City/Hwy): 20/27 mpg (est)
Crash tests: 5 stars frontal, 5 stars side; Good frontal offset, Good side

The CR-V has a very roomy, quiet interior and its handles well, too. For students in Snow Belt states, the available Real Time four-wheel drive system may aid safety on slippery surfaces. Electronic stability control and active front headrests, which help reduce rear-impact whiplash injuries, are standard. Finding a replacement of any of its auto parts will not be a problem for both parents and students for it is very easy to find.


Best Car for College Students:#9-Hyundai Tucson February 8, 2008

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Price: $19,595 (2007)
EPA Fuel Economy (City/Hwy): 19/25 mpg
Crash tests: Five stars frontal, five stars side

The car-based Tucson sport utility vehicle has safe handling, a good ride and a very roomy, comfortable interior, plus it’s tough enough to make it out on a rutted road to a summer camping trip, especially when equipped with the optional all-wheel drive. Electronic stability control, side-curtain airbags, and front seat-mounted side airbags are all standard.