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Best Car for College Students:#7-Chevrolet HHR February 6, 2008

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Price: $18,590
EPA Fuel Economy (City/Hwy): 22/30
Crash tests: 5 stars frontal, 5 stars side

The flamboyant HHR rides and handles well and is quite fuel-efficient. Just beware that due to the high-set windows, shorter drivers may have an issue with rearward visibility. Side-curtain airbags are optional and recommended; as such, the HHR gets top five-star ratings for frontal and side impact tests.

Your family’s safety matters. Whether it’s a short errand around town or a cross-country road trip, Chevrolet is committed to helping keep you and your family safe – from the start of your journey to your destination.


One Response to “Best Car for College Students:#7-Chevrolet HHR”

  1. s camp Says:

    purchased the HHR got in a wreck and now can’t get parts.
    so its not the purfect car for a student or anyone else that needs to drive.
    2008 HHR purchased in Nov. 07. part no. 15821097 and 25806108. backordered. no estimated date to receive.

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