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Wagonlet October 2, 2008

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Others might speculate about its Korean roots, but everything becomes irrelevant because it has a lot of spec for its price. Whether one choose to go for the smart tailored sedan or the trendy 5-liftback, the Rio from the makers of Kia Motor will surely exceed one’s expectations. This includes many things such as having excellent seat support, advanced car parts, appropriate fabrics, a well established dash design, a plenty of storage pockets and cubby holders, and a whole lot of power amenities including windows, mirrors, locks and so forth. In addition to this, the Rio is powered by 1.4 liter, 16-valve engine with a wide angle valve train to elevate better breathing abilities to improve the performance and economy that complies the latest emission standards. While it does away with all the newest technological features of its counterparts, and the good thing about it is, it does not carry a heavy price. But then again, in the real life who said that a good drive requires all those hi-tech gizmoids and things that serve to alienate the driver?


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